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German Training M24 Wooden Stick Grenade Dated 1937

This is an extremely rare excellent example of a practice training M1924, M24, or "Stielhandgranate 24" German Stick Grenade, often called a "potato masher". This 1937 dated excellent example of a carved wooden head and shaft to form the shape of the used stick grenade of that time. The weights of the wood appears to match the weight of the grenade as if it were give the training German soldiers a more realistic feel and effect.



Floral Motif Embossed Stress Fractured French 75mm Trench Art Shell

The French 75 was designed as an anti-personnel weapon system for delivering large volumes of time-fused shrapnel shells on enemy troops advancing in the open. After 1915 and the onset of trench warfare, other types of battlefield missions demanding impact-detonated high-explosive shells prevailed. By 1918 the 75s became the main agents of delivery for toxic gas shells. The 75s also became widely used as truck mounted anti-aircraft artillery. They were also the main armament of the Saint-Chamond tank in 1918.



1941 Japanese Showa 16 Stamped Named Imperial Army Helmet

Inside white padding is stamped with 'Showa 16' which is the Japanese year for 1941. Has original chin strap, padding ties, helmet liner tri pads, metal bands, paint, imperial star. It is almost impossible to find a Japanese helmet that was combat used in this preserved of condition. This is a museum grade relic!


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For each artifact or relic you buy 5% of each purchase is donated to one of our monthly partnership non profit veteran organizations. Through preserving history we feel an obligation to support our soldiers and their families.