Somme Dug Soldier's Uniform Relic

Somme Dug Soldier's Uniform Relic


It wasn’t until the Great War that Army’s began to focus upon the relationship of uniforms with efficiency, comfort and reliability. The heavy cloth khaki pattern and double stitching increased longevity, and removable buttons made laundering more practical and efficient. Military planners deemed uniform color were a significant role in battle,  and recognized the importance of blending with the background. Uniform camouflage would become a battlefield tactic. 

The Battle of the Somme:

Also known as the Somme Offensive, was a battle of the World War I fought by the armies of the British Empire and French Third Republic against the German Empire. It took place between 1 July and 18 November 1916 on both sides of the upper reaches of the River Somme in France. The battle was intended to hasten a victory for the Allies and was the largest battle of the First World War on the Western Front. More than three million men fought in the battle and one million men were wounded or killed, making it one of the bloodiest battles in human history.

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