Mass Grave of Unknown Soldiers Photograph

Mass Grave of Unknown Soldiers Photograph


Size: 5 x 3.5 inches

This original WWI photograph came from the collection of an AEF soldier named Harold Shortall of Chicago, IL and was one of many found as a bookmark in his AEF songbook.

While the original photographer of this photograph is unknown, images such as this one depict the living conditions and aftermath soldiers from all sides faced after fighting on the frontlines on the Western front. During the course of the 47 day Meuse-Argonne offensive,  1.2 million doughboys fought in what is also referred to as The Hundred Days Offensive.  The battle resulted in an estimated loss of 28,000 German lives, 26,277 American lives and an unknown number of French lives. This photograph depicts the view of an unknown structure bombed to rubble with artillery and other high explosive shells.

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