First Shots Chicago Tribune SS Mongolia Newspaper Headline

First Shots Chicago Tribune SS Mongolia Newspaper Headline


Size: 6.5 x 6 in

History of the SS Mongolia: 

In March 1917, following the German declaration of a submarine blockade around Britain, Mongolia was chartered as an Army transport [13] and received a self-defense armament of three 6-inch (150 mm) deck guns manned by U.S. Navy gun crews. One month later, Mongolia became the first American vessel to test the blockade, using those guns to drive off (and possibly sink) a U-boat seven miles southeast of Beachy Head, in the English Channel. That was the first armed encounter for an American vessel after the US's entry to World War I.[3][5] For the next year, Mongolia ferried American troops and supplies to Europe. Two American nurses, Clara Ayres and Helen Burnett Wood, were accidentally killed during one of these crossings, and another was wounded. During the afternoon of 20 May 1917, the nurses were on the deck of the Mongolia, observing the firing of the aft 6-inch gun, when they were struck by fragments of the shell's brass casing.

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