'Good old Guadal' US Soldier Burial Photograph

'Good old Guadal' US Soldier Burial Photograph


Size: 4 x 5 inches

Original personal 2nd Marine Division photograph USMC soldiers morning and looking on at the makeshift graves of fallen USMC soldiers that lost their lives during the capture and defense of Guadalcanal from August 10th, 1942 to January 31st, 1943. The back of the photograph is handwritten by a USMC soldier.

Combat Record of the 2nd Marine Division:

During World War II, the 2nd Marine Division (Headquarters) participated in operations in the Pacific Theater of Operations:

  • The Guadalcanal Campaign, in the Solomon Islands campaign – 4 January to 8 February 1943.

  • 2nd Marines, reinforced: Guadalcanal–Tulagi landings, 7 to 9 August 1942

  • Capture and defense of Guadalcanal, 10 August 1942 to 31 January 1943.

  • 8th Marines, reinforced: capture and defense of Guadalcanal, 2 November 1942 to 8 February 1943.

  • The Battle of Tarawa, in the Gilbert Islands campaign – 20 November to 4 December 1943.

  • The Battle of Saipan, in the Mariana Islands campaign – 15 June to 24 July 1944.

  • The Battle of Tinian – 24 July to 10 August 1944.

  • The Battle of Okinawa (floating Reserve) – 1 April to 10 April 1945. (Detachment of Headquarters and the 8th Marines, reinforced, from 1 to 30 June 1945).

Elements of the division were part of the occupation of Nagasaki, arriving twenty-five days after the nuclear strike.

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