German WWII Training M24 Wooden Stick Grenade Dated 1937

German WWII Training M24 Wooden Stick Grenade Dated 1937


This is an extremely rare excellent example of a practice training M1924, M24, or "Stielhandgranate 24" German Stick Grenade, often called a "potato masher". 

Training grenades are nearly impossible to find as by early 1943 production of practice grenades had stopped.

This 1937 dated excellent example of a carved wooden head and shaft to form the shape of the used stick grenade of that time. The weights of the wood appears to match the weight of the grenade as if it were give the training German soldiers a more realistic feel and effect.  It still retains its original paint on the warhead, and the original markings can be seen on the shaft of the grenade.

In WW2 the stick of the German M24 (Model 24) grenade provided a lever, significantly improving the throwing distance. The Model 24 could be thrown approximately 30 to 40 yards, whereas the British Mills bomb could only be thrown about 15 yards. The design also minimized the risk of the grenade rolling downhill back towards the thrower when used in hilly terrain or in urban areas. These grenades were extremely useful for clearing out entrenched infantry positions.

As grenades these piece of training equipment were disposable, encountering them on the market is very rare...making this an excellent opportunity to acquire one to complete a WW2 ordnance collection.

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