Scopes Vietnam War US M1 Training Helmet 1962 Dated

Scopes Vietnam War US M1 Training Helmet 1962 Dated


From Vietnam Vet:

"Basically you formed your platoon into two teams... one with the green side out, and the other with the brown side out. You attached a short range scope to the top of your M-16. Each side came at each other from opposite ends of a field or training course, with umpires walking with them. As each side got closer, they would look down the scope of their rifle. If they could fire off a blank round and yell out the number of the person they had sighted in on, then it was considered a hit. I will remember these forever because when I went through this training, my squad leader had gotten out in front of us. From the rear of the tactical formation, I sighted in on him without seeing his face and called out his number. The Ref declared it a hit, and then I saw him turn around looking right at me with a look that informed me I was an idiot! These were used back in the early 1970's."

SCOPES: "Squad Combat Optical Engagement System."

The Scopes helmet was designated as the “Real Train” program cover (Realism in Tactical Training program). These covers are easily distinguished from the standard cover by the four large, black, double digit numbers in green circles placed around the perimeter of the cover. The numbered circles measured 4 7/8” in diameter and were silk-screened with heavy texture. Covers in superb conditions will also include very small, quarter inch numbers just below the larger circles (designed for scoped rifle sights?). The Real Train program was designed to be a sort of war games to encourage accurate fire in the soldiering ranks. Supposedly, once a number was in the sights, the number would be called and that person was considered a “kill”. The program was reported to be quite effective.

Original Vietnam War M1 SCOPES Training Helmet with 1962 Dated Firestone Liner. These are hard to find and dont come up very often.

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