Our Story


Premier Relics began back in 2014 with the sole intention of preserving history by collecting and finding relics from all over the world. Premier Relics began it’s company with a single pair of WWI AEF soldier pants that were shipped over in a box from France. After that the rest is history!

An idea to find these ‘forgotten’ and ‘lost’ relics from all over the world turned into a company that now holds more than 4,000 authentic museum grade relics. Each day our collection is growing as we travel and build connections with more museums, antique dealers, and war collectors from all over.

It is our belief that each one of these relics tells its own story. It’s incredible to think how a single object could have played such a pivotal role in our history, and now it can be held in the palm of your hand. 

Now you can own or gift a unique and truly one of a kind piece of history. These relics and artifacts are now not just objects reserved for museums, but now can be proudly displayed and hung in your own home, office, or room.