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As an educator myself, I have continued to witness schools and teachers around America struggle to find ways to engage and inspire students with little resources other than basic textbooks and worksheets. I set out to create a vast collection of primary artifacts that are open and affordable for all teachers through grades K-12 looking tevolutionize their classrooms like never before. First Hand Museum is designed to be like a community library. Our artifacts are categorized into three main categories: History,Science and Culture. Teachers are encouraged to check out items that range from a soldiers canteen from WWII, a soldiers letter from Vietnam, prehistoric  dinosaur fossils, meteorites, cultural pieces from around the world, and much more. All of the artifacts in our collections were  compiled and carefully tailored specifically for educators to use as hands-on learning tools within their lessons. We encourage you to manipulate, rotate, and explore these objects with students through hands on interaction of museum quality relics and specimens.










Andrew J. Frey
First Hand Museum
EST. 2017